“CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE”(COE), Vapi, a Project conceived and set up by Vapi Green Enviro Ltd., under the IIUS Scheme of Govt. of India.

The new millennium has seen India become a hub of activity for the chemical manufacturing industry.  India now produces and exports varied chemicals, drugs, pesticides, fertilizers and petrochemicals all across the world.  However, in spite of a highly skilled and competent technical workforce, a major deterrent in the growth of our industry has been the lack of access to latest technological advances.  In today’s fast, technology driven world research and development is the keystone for any industry to realize its true potential.

The Centre of Excellence has been conceived to provide state of the art facilities, to our industry, for constant Up gradation of processes and products and for developing new products.

As Vapi is home to over 1800 small and medium sized manufacturing units, thus, it is the perfect location for the Centre of Excellence.  We believe that along with providing the latest technology and equipment’s at a very reasonable price, the Centre of Excellence shall also serves as a platform for interaction within the community, thereby resulting in its faster growth.

Beyond its role as an R & D facility we also perceive the Centre of Excellence to function as a World Class attesting lab.

The Centre of Excellence, as the name suggests, here to provide all the necessary support and assistance to the Industries to achieve excellence in whatever they do or produce.  Keeping this in mind we have already created following facilities at Centre of Excellence with Financial help from Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India:

  1. - Analytical Laboratory   
  2. - Pilot plant, scale up and kilo lab facility for Chemicals.
  3. - Knowledge Resource Centre

Centre of excellence is the outcome of dedicated efforts and selfless and honorary services rendered by a group of industry people.

The aim of Centre of Excellence is to provide all the necessary assistance to the Member Industries so as to reach their product standards to the Global level.  OUR DREAM IS TO MAKE THIS CENTRE A SYMBOL FOR EXCELLENCE.  We are here to facilitate the Industries to reach their goals. 



  1. - To provide world class testing facility.
  2. - To provide World Class R&D facility.
  3. - To provide access to world class technology.
  4. - To provide support for improvement of productivity.
  5. - To arrange necessary training to technical staff of Member Industries.



NEPIC (NORTH EAST PROCESS INDUSTRIES CLUSTER) is an organisation that represents 500 Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Specialty, Polymer & Rubber, Petrochemical & Commodity Chemical companies based in North East England. Furthermore, there are at least an equal number of companies in the supply chain of these industries based in this region making this a major economic Cluster. The combined economic power of NEPIC companies and their importance to North East England cannot be over emphasised. They generate in excess of £10bn of sales and is 30% of the regions industrial base, employing about 40,000 people directly and impacting indirectly on the income of a further 280,000.

NEPIC also promotes the capability of the region and its industry and acts as a knowledgeable partner to help companies the sector and its supply chain with their new investments. The cluster gives the best advice on how to gain public sector funding for investment and R&D projects. It also has built up the trust amongst its members to be the channel to engage in benchmarking and best practice advice on many operational issues. Efficiency improvement programmes operated by the Cluster has helped the region secure jobs and delivered millions of pounds of bottom line benefits to members.

NEPIC provides the following benefits to its Member units:

  1. - Networking Opportunities
  2. - International Trade, New Business Opportunities & Supply chain connections
  3. - Energy & Resource Efficiency Programmes
  4. - Productivity Programmes
  5. - Access to World class Technology
  6. - NEPIC Buying Group
  7. - Health, Safety & Environment
  8. - Skills & Training
  9. - Marketing & PR Services.

Benefits to our Members:

  1. - Collaborations
  2. - Sales
  3. - Purchases
  4. - Information
  5. - Scientific data
  6. - Toll Manufacturing